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BOP Stack Safety Upgrades

BOP Stack Safety Upgrades

Post-Macondo BOP safety improvements

Since the Macondo accident Radoil has been working to improve drilling safety by providing practical solutions to help avoid a similar accident or in the event of another accident provide ready ROV access to subsea BOP control systems.

Radoil has designed several BOP components that can be retro-fitted to existing stacks to provide easy ROV belly skid access to all BOP control functions.

  1. Docking ports that allows 100% control of all BOP stack functions.
  2. Choke and Kill access to allow a kill line to be lowered from the surface and connected to the kill system within 5 minutes of ROV arrival.
  3. Ability to retrieve the BOP control pods without pulling the riser.
  4. Up to 100 gpm operation of shear rams and accumulators.
  5. Once the BOP stack is in the water additional accumulators or an acoustic control system can be added by mounting outside the stack frame.
  6. Wellhead or Lower Marine Riser Package connectors with no tendency to release and with mechanically set preloads.
  7. Internal drilling riser centralizer to avoid drill pipe keyseating inside the BOP stack.
  8. Shearable Drill Collars to allow a heavy shearable pipe when the drill collars are inside the BOP stack
  9. A non-latching Choke & Kill connector that does not impart huge moments on the LMRP connector when pressured
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