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BOP Tools


Radoil Radoil has a variety of BOP tools available:

Our Loc-Torus Wellhead Connector provides a sure connection at the wellhead and/or the re-entry mandrel. Our Loc-Torus design insures that the dogs are easily and uniformly operated into the engaged or disengaged positions. It provides a certain connection and a certain disconnection with no tendency to self-release under pressure.

Our 10,000 p.s.i. Choke and Kill Connector is pressure balanced and provides a full bore connection for deepwater choke and kill lines. Due to our pressure balanced design Radoil’s C&K does not require a locking connection and avoids the high forces of conventional connectors. It provides a number of other operational advantages as well.

Radoil provides two types of Hot-Stabs. Our 1 ½” bore Hot-Stab provides a large volume single hydraulic connection between the LMRP and the lower BOP stack and our Triple Hot Stab provides a connection containing three 3/8” hydraulic connections. Both types are built with special “Packer Seals” which allow the assembly to be retracted at 5000 p.s.i. without damaging the seals.

BOP Tools

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