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Bulk Loading Station


  • Intrinsically safe and environmentally friendly
  • Most efficient storage of hoses used in bulk material transfer
  • No more long hours of exposure to sunlight resulting in longevity of hose life
  • Environment protection and protection from spillage
  • One-man operation
  • Added safety in hostile offshore environment.
  • Less chances of hose fatigue failure
  • No more hanging, dangling and entangling of hoses over the side.

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Bulk Loading Station Stairs ViewBulk Loading Station Stairs View Bulk Loading Station Stairs View Bulk Loading Station Stairs View Bulk Loading Station Stairs View

Product Description

Radoil Bulk Loading Stations are extensions of spooling applications in the offshore industry for safe material handling and environment protection.A typical station would consist of many modular units of combinations of different size hose reel units depending upon the needs (2”–6”) to store, payout and retrieve the hoses.

They can be used for bulk transferring of different materials like bentonite, barite, cement, mud, chemicals, acid, diesel, potable water etc. used in day-to-day drilling applications. Radoil also specializes in design of environmentally friendly crude transfer / offloading stations for platforms, FPSOs etc. that are safe and efficient.

Technical Specifications

Bulk Loading Station Specs
Bulk Loading Station
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