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IWOCS Umbilical Reels

Technical Specifications

  • Up to 13,500 ft. of umbilical
  • Electric and Hydraulic Swivels
  • Adjustable Level Wind - 110° fleet range
  • Weight w/o umbilical
    (Variable-typical 14,000 Lbs)
  • Explosion Proof Control

Common Uses

  • Deepwater BOP Systems

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Product Description

Radoil built IWOCS reels are designed to meet the customers hydraulic control requirements for vertical and horizontal well completions in various water depths. IWOCS reels can be designed to include as many hydraulic connections as requested for operation of the necessary hydraulic control functions and provide monitoring and testing during installation, intervention and workover of subsea completion equipment. IWOCS can also be used to control subsea tree functions and LMRP/BOP control system functions.

They are built and tested to be very sturdy and durable and contain the same safety and reliability features as our other reels. The Reel Spool size is designed based on the length and diameter of the cable provided. Radoil can design these reels in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of most customers. If you have special requirements just let us know.

Technical Specifications

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